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Francis X. Maguire's great gift is his ability to find the hidden treasures in every endeavour's most important asset, its people. One of corporate America's proven achievers and innovators, Frank Maguire was a founding senior executive at Federal Express, and served in a variety of senior executive positions with Kentucky Fried Chicken, ABC and American Airlines during the benchmark years in the history of each.

Frank Maguire served in the executive offices of President Kennedy and President Johnson. He was one of five invited to the table to both 'imagine' and initiate Project Headstart. He now heads Maguire Communications. His public speaking and seminar practice is based on a set of "Maguire Absolutes" - immutable truths - informed by experience. While at Federal Express, Frank Maguire's "absolutes" turned the company's "absolutely, positively overnight" commitment from a hope into a reality. Fred Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Express, credits Mr. Maguire with having created the corporate culture that resulted in Federal Express being named "The Top Corporation of the Decade" by Fortune magazine.

Frank teaches the same leadership skills that he used to recognize, launch and nourish the careers of Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood during his tenure as the director of program development for American Broadcasting Company. As senior vice president of marketing at Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation, Frank counselled Colonel Harlan Sanders and John Y. Brown when KFC was the fastest growing company on the New York Stock Exchange.

While with American Airlines, Mr. Maguire played a key role in expanding the company's services to Hawaii, the South Pacific and the Caribbean.