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Interactive Simulation

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This program is an interactive DVD based simulation, using videos of actors who have been given specifically created business scenarios to act out.

The program starts with participants watching a video of the initial boardroom meeting between Nick Major, the new Regional Manager, and the incumbent team, including Barry, a 30 year veteran in Sales with a bad attitude, and Suzie, the enthusiastic but underperforming Service Manager.

Program participants must make decisions about managing both Suzie's poor performance and Barry's bad attitude. Each decision on how to Manage The Business receives a scorecard in People, Customer and Financial measures which directly impacts the overall results.

Key Learning Outcomes
During the program, participants face realistic business scenarios, such as: making multi faceted decisions in tight time frames; cost cutting versus growth strategies; technology challenges; financial pressure; and staff engagement.

By combining these scenarios in an interactive format that is fun, safe and engaging, key learnings are accelerated as we explore the drivers of business success. These learnings are reinforced by full customization of the program.