Speakers Profile - Peak Teams - African Safari

?In Search of the Big 5"

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Watch the African bush come alive on the big screen as interactive DVD technology takes your team on an African Safari: In Search of the Big 5, a program which focuses on:

Clear Communication
Effective Collaboration
Strategic planning and decision making
Customer tracking

The program participants (aka safari guests in their jeeps), have a limited amount of time and money to find the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard) in a competitive and highly pressured ecosystem. Before starting, the team must establish clear roles and plan for success as they need to buy key information from each other to learn how to track their targets effectively.

Once the safari begins, communication becomes paramount as the teams must work together as they track the Big 5 via video and audio footage. While each team has it's own map and purchased information, only if the entire audience collaborates as one team will they find the Big 5 and score the maximum number of points.

Creative support material is used to enhance and re-inforce the journey toward success. Themed journals are provided to record team discussion and reflection, individual cards allow personalised learnings and commitments, and managers are given A1-sized thought maps to put up in the office as a visual reminder of the event.

What Clients Say:
"I can't recommend Peak Teams highly enough. We had quite a few specific requests for our sessions in Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland and Shane and Ian delivered more than our expectations. They modified their "Big 5" session to fit with our tight timeframe, and the result was a highly entertaining and instructional outcome.

Our teams loved hunting the big game of Africa, and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of learnings that they shared in the debrief at the end of the short hunt!
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