Speakers Profile - Peak Teams - Beyond the Summit

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Your team has just achieved one difficult goal, but now they must prepare for their next challenge. Are they ready?

Beyond the Summit is an interactive video based climb that focuses on sustainable performance over time. It is designed as either a stand alone program or as a continuation of the Reach for the Summit experience.

In the Beyond the Summit program, successful teams learn to build sustainable results through:

Acclimatisation – stopping to reflect and learn from previous experience
Identifying the barriers and enablers of collaboration
Effective communication
Setting and achieving compelling goals
Leadership and teamwork

Commencing on the summit of an icy, windswept peak, the program is comprised of 3 stages - Descent, High Camp Review and Summit Two. The objective for each team is to survive the descent, stop at High Camp to reflect and learn from previous experience, and then apply their learnings to a more challenging climb.

Serious obstacles are confronted immediately, as the first video shows one of the climbers almost falling 3000 feet to his death. Two members of the team watch in horror, and then freeze with fear, refusing to move up or down the mountain. Your team has a long way to go to reach safety and this accident will present a significant challenge for your next climb.

Spectacular footage and challenging scenarios provide the backdrop to what some participants have called the ultimate test of ethics, collaboration and problem solving under pressure.

Beyond the Summit will engage your teams emotions and feelings in such a way that the debrief and reflection will provide participants with a rare insight into what drives their behaviour. The learnings out of this session then act as a building block for future planning, resource allocation and improved performance.

Creative support material is used to enhance and re-inforce the journey toward success. Themed journals are provided to record team discussion and reflection, individual cards allow personalised learnings and commitments, and managers are given A1-sized thought maps to put up in the office as a visual reminder of the event.

Post event follow up includes detailed debrief sessions with business leaders and collaboration on action plans and the required next steps to maximise results for the organisation.