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Andrew May is a leading expert on performance.

He has spent the past 15 years perfecting the art and science of performance, first as an elite level middle distance athlete and then transferring this knowledge and experience to forward thinking businesses, Olympic athletes and national sporting teams.

He is the co founder of Good Health Solutions, Australia's largest corporate health consultancy and his client list reads like a who's who of Australian business. He is also the founder of PT Plus; an international business consultancy based in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Andrew is the former Physical Performance Manager for the Australian Cricket Team; a leading organisation that is consistently voted amongst the world's best sporting teams. He has also worked with the NSW Cricket Team, Olympic athletes and gold medal performers in track and field, swimming, basketball, netball, hockey and tennis.

In short, Andrew May knows exactly how to get the best out of your people.

With his extensive background as an elite athlete, high performance coach and business builder - Andrew understands the key strategies that give you the power to switch on when you need to ... and to switch off when you can


Switched on performance (on/off)
Achieving in business (and in life) has a lot of common denominators to preparing elite athletes for performance. Intense effort, focused concentration, reaching targets and milestones, celebrating achievements and the ability to recover and switch off are all fundamental to success.
- Proven strategies used by the world's leading athletes and coaches to inspire optimal performance
- The 4 different performance zones - chill, thrill, spill and kill
- The 7 switches of performance: how to be on when you have to and off when you can
- How to avoid Road Runner Syndrome and set yourself up for a high performance day - every day
- The latest research on positive psychology and productivity

Switched on thinking (everyday ecstasy).
The way you think affects the way you feel and the way you feel affects the way you behave. Learning to manage thoughts has a direct impact on mood, behaviour and energy. Rather than racing to the nearest pharmacy to buy a magic formula to fire you up; the best possible remedy you can subscribe to is turning on the internal pharmacy within.
- How to make clear decisions in an on demand world
- Understand positive psychology and how to control the key "chemical cousins"
- Avoid the chemical rollercoaster and tap into sustainable energy
- Realise thinking is habitual; and you might need to change some of your habits!
- Illuminate your life with the latest strategies used by athletes and peak performers

Switched on living (the work life balance myth)
The boundaries between work and life are blurred more than ever before. The continual rush of trying to fit everything in leaves us feeling disconnected and flat. The key is not having more time; it is crystallising what is really important and ensuring that is where you invest your energy.
- Realise it is about choice, not balance, that will ultimately achieve fulfilment
- Understand what is really important in your professional and personal life
- Prioritise time and regularly recharge so that you can keep burn out at bay
- Boost productivity and have more time to do the little things you've always wanted to do
- Differentiate between quality of living and standard of living

Switched on selling (passion, performance and profits)
Selling is very different today compared to 5 years ago. Switched On Selling is all about optimising the time you spend focused and on target to guarantee a better sales result! It is a proven program that establishes performance platforms and new behaviours that enable sales people to position them selves for success.
- Understand how to iPOD your business
- Apply positive psychology for improved sales performance
- Clarity and how to prioritise and focus on what's really important for results
- Learn about the peak performance mind set and how to access it
- Use the 7 Switches of Performance to set yourself up for daily success

Conference boost
Great ideas for turning up the voltage and adding value to your next event!
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Morning wake up
Provide a boost of energy and fun with an early morning/pre conference wake up. Activities range from soccer, touch football, basketball, kicking the footy and cricket; to yoga, kayaking, boxing, bushwalking, beach games and more. No matter how fit or how unfit your people are we will tailor an activity session to match the participants, facilities and conference theme. This is a great way for delegates to get together outside their normal working environment. Wake Up sessions last for 30 to 45 minutes.

Team building/group fitness session
Outdoor activity sessions are a great way to enhance communication, team work and morale within a working group; and to reinforce key messages of the performance keynote/workshop. Sessions generally run from 60 to 90 minutes and include:
- Team clues course/survivor challenge
- Range of team sports (soccer, cricket, AFL, football, netball, softball, basketball)
- Relaxation and flexibility session (yoga, pilates, tai chai)
- Adventure races and team building activities.

Mood foods
We can arrange a variety of mood food options and high energy snacks for your next conference. These options not only add energy and flavour to an overall theme, they taste great too!

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