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"INTERNATIONAL ILLUSIONIST TONY LAFFAN" is one of the hottest performers on the Australian entertainment scene. In January 2004, Tony completed a four-year run of his critically acclaimed illusion show in Sydney Australia, and is once again freelancing, working within the Corporate Industry - from Close-up Magic, to his Comedy Magic Show, and his Illusion Show.

His contract in Sydney commenced in 1999, and had been appearing seven days a week in the successful production "Spellbinding Sorcery Illusion Spectacular".

Already an Australian success story and the countries' premier illusionist, Tony previously performed abroad through Europe during 1998 and 1999 and also within Asia in 1998.

This international entertainer returned from his European tour to star in his new show "Millennium Magic" in the Southern Hemisphere's largest theme park Wonderland Sydney. Originally booked for the September/October '99 Australian holiday season and due to the popularity of the show, the original contract was extended through to 2004. After 2500 shows, and attracting thousands of guests each year Tony Laffan with his assistant Kasey-Laura, are back performing on the entertainment market.

The magical sensation "Spellbinding Sorcery" was conceived, produced, and directed by Tony and his wife Juleen who run Pegasus Productions, specifically for Wonderland, with the creation of new costumes, music, illusions and the addition of a cast of dancers to his polished routines.

One of the career highlights for Tony Laffan performing abroad, was working on the beautiful Canary Islands, Spain, for a six-month season at 'Casino Palace', one of Europe's top six venues. Before travelling overseas, this contemporary magician presented his show over 1800 times at the Australian theme park 'Dreamworld'. Juleen has since retired from performing to start a family after having worked together for the past twelve years onstage. As the best magical duo in Australia, Tony and Juleen were also the featured act in the "Holiday Magic" Promotion in 1993, incorporating their illusions with three major dangerous escapes.

They starred in another of Dreamworld's major Holiday Promotions, the "Illusion and Dance Spectacular starring Tony and Juleen" in January 1997, enthralling international audiences of thirty three thousand people for the session.