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Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D., is the professional ethicist known as The Ethics Guy. He has appeared as an ethics analyst on NBC's 'Today Show', ABC TV's 'Good Morning America', the Fox News Channel's 'O'Reilly Factor', CNN's 'Lou Dobbs' and 'Anderson Cooper 360 MSNBC 'The Situation with Tucker Carlson', CNBC's 'Capital Report', Bloomberg Television's 'Personal Finance' and other many programs. His syndicated column,'Ask the Ethics Guy' is distributed internationally by McClatchy-Tribune (formerly Knight Ridder-Tribune).

His latest book, Life Principles: Feeling Good by Doing Good shows why all of us benefit professionally and personally when we live according to ethical principles.

Dr. Weinstein is the author or editor of four previous books and the author of over 20 articles on ethics. His writings have appeared in, and he has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, Investor's Business Daily, The New York Observer, Family Circle, Men's Fitness, Real Simple, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the in-flight magazines of American Airlines, Delta Airlines, USAirways, United Airlines, America West, as well as Newsweek.com, CNN.com, and FoxNews.com.

He received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Swarthmore College, a doctorate in philosophy and bioethics from Georgetown University, and a certificate in film production from New York University.

Dr. Weinstein is a W.K. Kellogg National Fellow and lives in New York.


Why Everyone Wins When We Take the High Road
What is the right thing to do? Do ethics vary from person to person, or are there ethical principles that apply to all of us, no matter where we're from or what we personally believe? Are there right and wrong answers to ethical questions? This practical, interactive presentation from The Ethics Guy, Dr. Bruce Weinstein, begins with a 'What would you do?' multiple choice quiz targeted to the needs and interests of the client. Dr. Weinstein then presents the five ethical or 'life' principles that have stood the test of time. Revisiting the quiz, he shows how these principles point us in the right direction in each scenario. He ends by asking the audience, 'Why should we be ethical?' and, after taking responses from the group provides, his own answer to the question. It is an ethics presentation disguised as a motivational speech. Available as a keynote address (preferred), 2-hour workshop, or 3-hour seminar.

Feeling Good by Doing Good

These are the same talks as 'Ethics in the 21st Century'. Some groups find these titles more enticing for their members.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? 4 Simple Steps to Making Better Decisions
Based on Dr. Bruce Weinstein's award-nominated book of the same title, 'What Should I Do?' is an interactive talk that presents case studies targeted to the issues confronting the client. Each case study ends with the question, 'What should I do?' Dr. Weinstein shows how to work through the problem in four simple steps and arrive at a win-win solution. Available as a keynote address, 2-hour workshop (includes small-group discussions), or 3-hour seminar (includes small-group discussions and practical exercises for each attendee).

PR101: How to Get National Publicity, Paid Speaking Engagements, a Syndicated Column, and Recognition as a National Expert in Your Field!
Taught by a leading expert who has gotten booked on national television over 75 times, had two leading publishers publish his books, been featured in major newspapers and magazines, secured a syndicated column distributed internationally by McClatchy-Tribune (formerly Knight Ridder/Tribune), and been booked for keynote addresses to 5,000 people. He'll reveal the secrets he has discovered for attaining all of these things, which will help you get your message out to the widest possible audience and greatly enrich the lives of others' and yourself. Available only as a 3-hour seminar.