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Anne McKevitt, Interior Designer Entrepreneur

From high school drop out to head of a multi-million dollar interior design, construction and property development business, Anne McKevitt is a true entrepreneur.

Heading up twenty-one separate businesses as part of AMI Group Enterprises with offices in Sydney, London and New York, Anne McKevitt is viewed as one of Britain's most powerful women. Recently she sold one of her business, which had delivered the design of 1600 products with a retail value of $975 million over three years.

Unique, dynamic and inspiring, Anne McKevitt is a leading authority on consumer lifestyle changes, competitiveness and diversity. She has advised and guided numerous multinational companies including IKEA, Royal Doulton, Peugeot, Ernst & Young, Wal*Mart, Deloitte, Sainsbury's Supermarkets, Marks & Spencer, Moet e Chandon and Hewlett Packard.

Recognised by The International Herald Tribune as a World Class Entrepreneur and named by Time Magazine (2001) as one of four International Business Leaders to Watch, Anne McKevitt's design work and projects have received numerous awards worldwide.

Viewed by millions on television for nearly a decade, Anne McKevitt instigated a colour and contemporary style revolution that transformed Britain's homes and gardens. She has presented and designed eighteen series of lifestyle programmes for the BBC and ITV including: Home Front, Home Front in the Garden, Watchdog: Value for Money, Watchdog: On the House, Healthcheck, This Morning and GMTV. In the U.S she has appeared on HGTV, HSN, CBS, DISCOVERY and FOX networks and in syndicated series in another twenty countries worldwide.

As an author, Anne McKevitt has written five best-selling and critically acclaimed books which have been sold in sixteen countries. Her first book Style on a Shoestring broke new ground in the category of illustrated books, making it the 20th bestselling book of the 90's in the UK through Worldbooks.

Anne McKevitt is a regular lecturer at British and Australian universities on business, marketing and entrepreneurial skills, and was nominated to sit on the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Government.

Anne's life changed forever when a near fatal car accident left her crippled with spinal damage. After lying flat on her back for almost a year, Anne gradually regained her mobility. Unable to return to work, Anne McKevitt renovated her first apartment and unexpectedly became one of the world's most celebrated designers whose flair and panache were totally self-taught.

Anne is a long time member of Greenpeace, a member of Amnesty International and a spokesperson for Shelter, the British homeless charity. Anne McKevitt balances her hectic work life with leisure activities including swimming, walking, photography and travelling.