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STIX Motivation Through Music draws the link between an exciting musical performance and event experience with an impactful corporate message. Lead by professional composer, educator and pianist, Duncan McKee, STIX empowers event participants to produce music through an inspiring and interactive session that draws parallels from the world of the musician and composer to the world of the corporate executive.

We work closely with clients to produce motivational music sessions that suit your particular event objectives and programme needs. From post-lunch networking sessions, event openers or closers, to more in-depth workshops, you can be assured of a memorable, valuable, and inspiring experience that will resonate with your client and their event audience. Our workshops include a powerful yet simple process with Duncan McKee as key speaker. Using our unique musical notation system, we ensure 100% audience participation, and give participants ownership of the final musical symphony and powerful finale. Most of all, its fun, leaving behind an impactful message: what may seem impossible becomes the possible, with the right energy, dedication and teamwork. This is the power of STIX.

Let the event live on in the mind of your client. We can provide branded musical equipment that will be a valuable addition to your client's event investment and a fun reminder of their musical empowerment.

Duncan McKee
A professional Jazz musician, composer an educator from the UK, Duncan has composed music for MTV, HBO, Discovery Channel and Sony Universal. AS a performer, Duncan has recorded wit internationally renowned jazz musicians and worked with Maxjazz vocalist Laverne Butler in Singapore and China. He continues to perform in various jazz clubs and venues around Asia. A passionate educator, Duncan also teaches at United World College of Southeast Asia in Singapore where his students learn jazz improvisation, harmony, composition and performance. It was Duncan's approach to music education that led to the creation of STIX – Motivation Through Music and the symbolistix notations system where he draws parallels between the world of the musician and the corporate executive.