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Hi there. My name is Carolyn Tate and I'm the Director of Carolyn Tate & Co, a boutique marketing advisory business specialising in the professional and financial services sector.

After many years as a professional marketer at Westpac and Merrill Lynch, I jumped ship from the corporate world to launch my own business in 2001. Since then I've authored two books; Small Business Big Brand and Marketing your Small Business for Dummies and educated thousands of business owners at my networking events, marketing workshops and speaking engagements. I've also appeared on Mornings with Kerri-Anne and Sky Business News, in the SMH, The Age and The Daily Telegraph and many industry and business publications.

My speaking clients have included Westpac, Tower Insurance, Mortgage Choice, PLAN Australia, AMP, Hillross, Financial Planning Association, Travel Managers, Mortgage & Finance Association, Strata Community Australia, Microsoft, Lawfund, Women in Finance, Women in Mortgage Business Network, NSW Govt and City of Sydney.

I've also consulted directly with hundreds of business owners and professional and financial services companies to help them embed smart marketing practices into their business.

I live in Melbourne and work from The Hub where I collaborate with my co-workers to deliver real results for my clients. I'm also a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Australia, an activist for social change and have a deep interest in changing the business world so that purpose comes before profit.

Conscious marketing in the new world order
The world of marketing and advertising is broken. If it's not predicated on fear, lies or spin doctoring, it's bland and boring. I'm leading a revolution to change the marketing paradigm so that it's based on honesty, authenticity, transparency, joy, love and humanity. I teach my audiences all about conscious marketing and how it can transform their business.

Working from the inside out
Marketing is not just something to slap on as an after-thought with a few random tweets. It's about creating something so compelling around the services that you offer, that people simply rave about you and want to work with you. I change forever the way people market their business starting from the inside out.

Profiting on purpose
Creating a purpose-driven business does not mean a business owner needs to forsake profit. I show my audiences why it's critical to invest in marketing, how to set realistic short-term and long-term goals and measure return-on-investment so that a healthy profit is ensured year after year.

Getting everyone on board
I believe all employees of a practice should think and act like the Head of Marketing by integrating the 3R's of Marketing...reputation, relationships and referrals into their daily activities. That's why I bring the whole team on the marketing journey.

Making it stick
There's no silver bullet to marketing. Like every other function of a business, it's a process that requires systems and management. I teach audiences how to embed marketing processes right into the organisation to ensure a consistent flow of new business.