Speakers Profile - Velia Nicholls

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Regional Queensland

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Velia Nicholls is one of the most entertaining, highly skilled trainers and speakers in Queensland. She combines humour with her down to - earth style and practical no-nonsense advice to help businesses significantly improve their staff performance, customer relations and bottom line sales.

Drawing on extensive experience in business, people management and life, Velia has the ability to encourage people to challenge their own progress and performance and discover what is holding them back from achieving their potential?

Velia draws from her own life experience and conditioning. She has challenged herself to break through restricting barriers, programming and conditioning by completing personal development workshops, firewalks and glasswalks. She understands the ‘busyness' of life and how easy it is to get caught up in the frenetic pace and lose the ability to have fun and enjoy life!

Velia has the capacity to connect with people of all ages. She is real! Audiences respond to her warm, genuine and sincere manner.

Velia is passionate about helping people grow and making businesses work efficiently - and proud of it! Learning the 'serious business' of improving your bottom line has never been so enjoyable.

Whether it's growing a business, choosing the right people, getting the best from your staff or handling conflict, Velia has valuable, practical 'tools' you can take away and implement immediately.

"Today's customer has very high expectations and standards. Businesses are missing opportunities because they don't fully understand this.

I help people see their businesses through their customer's eyes then show them how they can foster customer loyalty and make more sales without using the hard sell. Often, the simple techniques that don't cost a cent make all the difference…"

As a speaker and trainer, Velia makes an immediate and lasting impression.

She is a thorough researcher, tailoring each presentation to suit the audience. She is an excellent communicator- a skill complemented by honesty and openness. Velia's style is a combination of laughter and learning which involves audiences and injects fun to create awareness.

Most of all, she enthuses people to set new personal and professional standards, and shows them how to reach their goals.

Velia's philosophy is to ensure clients achieve their desired outcomes. Her aim is to make a difference; to enthuse, inspire and motivate managers and employees to challenge old ways and to examine their current practices. Audiences are encouraged to go to the next level and develop more effective practices and as a result improve their own personal performance and the company's bottom line!

Velia Nicholls has a strong track record in helping both large and small businesses to realise their sales potential.

During an impressive career, Velia has held a variety of senior management positions including National Training and Human Resource Manager, Group Manager and State Induction Officer.

Velia also established the Training Division for the Retailers Association of Queensland, has been a Lecturer in Small Business Communication, is an Executive Coach and an Organisational and Behavioural Consultant.

Velia, is the founder and facilitator of a personal development and leadership workshop for women “Time Out...to go within”. This residential workshop has been enormously successful with companies recommending it to their managers and employees.

In 2002, Velia was a State Finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards.

Some of Velia's keynote addresses, workshops and training sessions include...


Sex… who's interested?
Sales excellence - where's the passion?
Who's got my customer?
Strategies to retain clients
Lost sales opportunities
Change the mindset! Recover lost profits!


Professional sales teams
Seven steps to professional selling
Skill the team improve the bottom line
Five Factor Sales Analysis
Create a winning edge for your business


Life is not a dress rehearsal
This is it! You get one chance!
Shifting gears in a changing world
Learning how to recognise, accept and grow with change


Communicate to make a difference...
Speak with courage! Learn how to listen...in order to be heard!
Communicate for profit!
Ineffective communication has expensive consequences


Prevent your workplace from becoming a battlefield
Dealing with and resolving workplace situations effectively
Handling difficult customers
Words and behaviours that make a real difference Seven Step Process


Effective management
Leadership versus management
Performance management
Set standards, link job descriptions to performance reviews introduce coaching techniques
Did you get a 'HIT' today?
Build a winning culture Honesty, Integrity and Trust
Change management
Managing change as a positive influence


Recruitment is a game!
Learn the rules and play to win!
Four Step Process to successful recruitment


Teams...your greatest resource
Is your team connected?
Team ethics...company culture
Setting effective workplace standards
Get your team ‘service oriented'
Staff accountability and responsibility
12 Month Tailored Programmes
Mentoring, Supervisory, Leadership,
Rise and Shine Breakfasts
Laughter and learning at the start of the day


“Velia hit the target with everything she said...we could not have asked for a better presentation..”

“A dynamic presentation pitched at just the right level.”

“Velia provided a lively and enthusiastic presentation mixed with a great sense of humour and good interaction with our people.”

“Everyone was immensely impressed with Velia and her amazing ability to capture an audience in the palm of her hand.”

“Absolutely everyone we spoke to was raving about your exciting training sessions and your commitment, dedication, and total professionalism.”

“You will be able to look back in a few years at our industry and know that you had a helping hand in getting it back on track.”