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Ever wondered about being levitated?

Ever thought what it would be like to be cut in half, to escape from a straight jacket while hanging upside down high above the crowd, to breathe fire and swallow razor blades?

As a small child Duck Cameron imagined performing these and many more amazing illusions that adults and children throughout history have marveled at.

'As time has passed Duck Cameron has honed his craft, incorporating the art of dance, drama and a slick, modern presentation of classic magic with a character that provokes laughter one second, then fear the next -as an actor playing the role of a magician rather than somebody merely doing "tricks", in a display that will have you on the edge of your seats?.'
The Morning Sun - Hong Kong.

'Of all the hundreds of great magicians around the world, Duck Cameron is one of the few that allows an audience to truly believe in the magic before them, to relax to what they are witnessing, for the character in front of them conveys that of a true magical being.'
The New Delhi Age - India.

'We can't be sure if the full house was cheering the high energy theatrics of Duck Cameron or his Bombshell assistant! A combined treat!' The Herald Sun - Australia.

Duck Cameron and his lovely wife Nika have been wooing audiences around the globe -literally! Their original show has taken them to 41 countries and that's only in the last 3 years! As seasoned Cruise Ship performers, having worked for various cruise companies throughout Europe and Asia and the US, they bring years of experience, having performed for all types of audiences. Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Politicians and even Royalty have engaged the dynamic couple and the
reviews speak volumes!

Nika brings 12 years of professional dance experience, having been offered a full scholarship to the St Petersburg Ballet, as well as being Principal dancer for the Ukrainian Folkloric Ballet. Duck has also impressed his fellow Magicians, having won Australian Stage Magician and an all expenses paid invitation to compete in the first International Macau Magic Competition in which 10 acts were flown in from around the world and a television program of the event was filmed in front of a live audience of 1200. The only competitor to be given not one, but two ovations, Duck walked away with the prestigious award of "Most Entertaining Act".

Performing for the tough audiences of New York, they received countless ovations and had their season there extended ... twice!