Adam Spencer - 'World of Numbers'.


Adam Spencer - 'World of Numbers'.

The World of Numbers is basically an avalanche of information about the world we live in. How fast is Usain Bolt and would he beat an ostrich over 100 metres,  if you're 18 years old, how old are your taste buds (10 days!), how do bitcoins work, how hot is it at the core of our sun (trust me it's steamy), which Australian city houses the largest gold coin in the world which sport propels it's 'ball' at the fastest speed, what is the most popular colour for an M&M and how far into space can i see with my naked eyes? Hundreds, possibly thousands of things to read, wonder about, perhaps haver a giggle and learn something too.

And of course there is maths. In the World of Numbers, you'll meet the largest prime number we've yet discovered, learn about an object that lives in 196,883 dimensions, understand how some infinities are bigger than others and be challenged by hundreds of maths problems to really take your grey matter for a wander.

Adam Spencer Author, Comedian, Maths Geek......

Adam Spencer has been a breakfast radio announcer on Triple J and ABC Sydney, tv personality on everything from comedies Good News Week and The Glasshouse to weekly sports wrap the back page and is a member of the Sleek Geeks Science Team with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

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