Tim Harcourt

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Tim Harcourt, The Airport Economist, is the J.W. Nevile Fellow in Economics at the UNSW Business School. Tim was also for over a decade the first chief economist of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade).

Tim is also an Expert Panel Member, Minimum Wage Review, for the Fair Work Commission.

Tim teaches International Business at the Australian School of Business at UNSW, in the AGSM MBA programme in Asia and Latin America with a focus on China, India, ASEAN, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and other emerging markets. Tim is a Visiting Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica (PUC) in Chile.

Tim hosts his own TV show The Airport Economist which launched in 2016 and a new podcast series of the same name on Podcast One Australia. Tim is an active commentator in the Australian and international media on economic and trade issues and appears regularly on TV and radio shows including on ABC Breakfast, ABC Lateline, The Business The World, on Sky News, Sky Business News, Sunrise, Kochie's Business Builders, Bloomberg, CCTV, BBC and CNBC Asia.

A prolific author and globetrotter, Tim has visited over 58 countries in the past five years alone.

He also writes for a number of major publications including The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Business Review Weekly, The Australian, The Advertiser, The Herald Sun, The West Australian, The Courier Mail, The OECD Observer, The Globalist, The National Times, The Drum, The Punch, The Economic Times and various websites and blogs.

Tim has been a research officer /advocate with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), a role first held by Bob Hawke in the 1950s and 1960s and has worked as an international economist for the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission (now the Fair Work Commission) and has international experience in the corporate sector in the UK, USA and Israel.

Tim was educated at the University of Adelaide, the University of Minnesota and Harvard University.

Tim is an author of a number of books on the international economy including The Airport Economist and Trading Places which are both business bestsellers and have been translated into several languages around Asia and soon in South America.

It's available in all good bookshops including airport bookshops! www.theairporteconomist.com

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