Michael Henderson

The Corporate Anthropologist

Michael Henderson was born in the UK raised in Africa, lives in New Zealand and works internationally as a Corporate Anthropologist.

Michael has a degree in Anthropology, which provides him with a strong grounding in social science that ensures that his work is practical, evidence based and always focused on peoples contribution to performance.

He has studied traditional tribes and organisational cultures in over 40 countries and understands what culture is, how it forms, how culture is structured and what causes culture to change and how leading a culture is different from leading a business.

Organisations regularly take advantage of Michaels expertise to learn how to ensure they are creating and leading cultures that actually align with their business strategy.

His work on sales cultures for example has been described by clients as revolutionary and highly effective.

Michael is an award winning best selling author of five books on how to create and lead a high performance company culture.

His most in demand keynotes are;
1. Get Tribal; Understand the immense power organisational cultures have over an organisations performance and how to avoid the ten mistakes that sabotage a cultures power.
2. Chiefing your tribe; Learn the three cultures organisations have as options to deliver customer satisfaction and how leading each culture differs. This keynote provides a simple live audit the audience can conduct on their own chiefing ability.
3. Ferocious; How staff can ignite for themselves a passionate high performance workplace culture to lift one anothers job satisfaction, and work performance.
4. Thought Leadership; A powerful introduction to this adaptive new talent development process ideal for leadership development, talent retention, knowledge transfer, customer loyalty, leveraging marketing and lead generation.
Michaels speaking style is regularly described as; Passionate, Informative, Fun, Humorous, Powerful, Counter intuitive.
Michael has won the prestigious international Thought Leaders Mentor of the year award for his ability and services in teaching Thought Leadership to organisations.

His clients include:
Canon Australia, Lion Nathan, Kennards Hire, Coca Cola, Ogilvy, Lend Lease, Bayleys Real Estate, TVNZ, Z Energy, Kiwi Bank, NZ Post, Oamps Insurance, Wallbridge and Gilbert Engineering, CHE Advertising, New Zealand Earth Quake Commission, Wellington Technical College, Sara Lee, BAT, GHD, East Arnhem Shire Council, NZ Defence Force, Vodafone.

Fee Range: C