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Stephen Collins understands people. He understands business. And he helps his clients put the two together.

Whether it's designing experiences and service delivery approaches, helping to understand collaboration and knowledge sharing in the context of 21st Century business or building expertise in the social technologies that pervade our business and social lives, Stephen has proven expertise and experience.

Everyone is trying to figure out what social networking and social media mean for them. Stephen has been thinking about it, working with it and talking about it enough that he knows there is a simple answer. He knows it's not about social media itself, but about understanding business goals and problems, and understanding people inside and outside the business. He then can help find strategies (which might include social media) to connect people to one another to solve those problems. He uses the language of business to talk about ideas, not jargon that only the cool kids understand.

More importantly, he knows technology is only a small part of any solution. Technology doesn't help organisations and individuals spread and retain knowledge, engage employees, and connect with stakeholders, customers and communities. People do.

People are also at the core of Stephen's work in service and experience design. He helps design, develop and build great online experiences by connecting to people in and around your business. Their needs and goals are considered, distilled and included in the experiences he helps you to build.

Since he founded acidlabs in 2006, Steve has concentrated on working with organisations in the public and private sectors to help them change their corporate culture into one where people are at the heart of everything they do.

Previously, Stephen worked in the Australian public sector and consulting industries. He has extensive experience in government and private business with expertise in corporate communications, social media and networking, knowledge management, web strategy and project management, information architecture, experience design and business analysis.

Stephen is recognised internationally as an innovator, community builder and engaging public speaker in social media and experience design. His views are regularly sought in the media and at conferences and he has received extensive coverage in many forums.

Stephen Collin's Speaking Topics

Organisational Leadership

Stephen Collins has worked extensively across organisations in the public and private sectors to assist them in changing their operational models to shift from traditional leadership to flatter, more open models that encourage staff engagement and increase motivation. He has delivered keynote and plenary sessions at events in Australia, Qatar and the United States addressing these subjects.

Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Stephen's work on new, more collaborative forms of managing organisational knowledge have seen him undertake projects in organisations as diverse as several Australian Government agencies, the NFP and energy sectors, major telcos and one of Australia's largest banks, as well as in the start-up sector as a strategic advisor on collaboration and approaches to knowledge sharing.
He has delivered conference sessions on these subjects to events in Australia and the United States.
In late 2011, he was selected as one of the international panel of organisational collaboration experts, The Thinkers, for the project The Future of the Collaborative Enterprise.

Service Design

With an extensive background in user experience, Stephen has worked with a wide range of clients on designing services and experiences that will powerfully engage audiences and users. His projects have included work in several Australian Government agencies and at organisations in the banking and telecommunications industries.

With a focus on practical, actionable outcomes and passing knowledge to clients, Stephen's work and his conference presentations have covered a wide range of experience and service design practices for large public facing projects and small, highly-focussed specialist groups.

Open Government

Stephen Collins is an internationally recognised advocate for public sector reform around open government. He has written and spoken about open government extensively, including keynotes at events in New Zealand and Australia.
Stephen's work on public sector reform and open government has been published by the Centre for Policy Development and in the book State of the eUnion: Government 2.0 and Onwards, released in November 2009. Stephen was also a key author and researcher for the Australian Government's Government 2.0 Primer.