Ian Elliot

Over 30 years in the highly competitive advertising industry, Ian Elliot rose from mail boy to CEO and Chairman of Australia's biggest agency, George Patterson. He's a master strategist in brand building and new business acquisition. He draws experience from some of the world's major companies, his own entrepreneurial endeavors and his learning from the Harvard Business School AMP where he was class valedictorian.

Recognized as the most prolific new business winner in the industry ( $250 million over 4 years) and a 78% win record he has co authored "Stop Bitching and Start Pitching"?, a book which reveals the secrets to winning major accounts through the complete tender process in ANY industry.
"Winning major pitches involves much more than simply having a superior offering and a well polished presentation. Winning also requires a deep insight to the full dynamics of the pitch process, a set of disciplines to extract every ounce of opportunity and an understanding of the psyche of both the client and a winning team"

As the creator of the Optus brand '?YES'? campaign, and many other icon brands over 30 years, Ian knows why brand building is key to business success and how to help businesses big and small go about building their own brands for profit enhancement.
"Brand reputation and brand relationships create much more than just extra sales and inflated margins. They can lessen your distribution costs, improve your cash flows, attract superior talent, and be goodwill in the bank for unforeseen troubled times. The rules and the tools are straightforward and can be implemented immediately for measurable results."

Speaking engagements include keynote speaker status at Fort Bragg North Carolina addressing 600 officers from The US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and at The US Masters Golf addressing 300 CEOs and senior management of Fortune 500 companies. In Australia he has spoken to over 30,000 people in the JME category as well as major corporate conferences for Citibank and Ernst & Young.

Ian Elliot is an imaginative energetic, strategic thinker and a highly articulate motivator whose talents encompass high level creative, marketing and communication skills. He has an ability to move, motivate and communicate with people and his presentations are outstanding. They have a positive impact that reflects increased performance and results.


Moray McDonald - Head of Mortgages CITIBANK
"This was a presentation that made our team think deeply about who they were and what they could acheive with the rest of their lives."

Woody Merry- Chairman Organising Committee Red Carpet Club Georgia Chamber of Commerce Augusta GA
"Ian's speech at the Augusta National Country Club had the Fortune 500 CEO's and executives on the edge of their seats. A brilliant speech that did Australia proud."

Colonel Edwin Anderson - Chief of Staff John F Kennedy Special Warfare Centre. Fort Bragg North Carolina
"Speakers at our last 2 annual events have been H. Ross Perrot and General Norman Schwartzkopf. Ian's performance eclipsed them all. An uplifting, funny, poignant and motivating event."

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