Chris Anderson

As editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson is one of the most knowledgeable, insightful and articulate voices at the center of the new economy. He consistently understands before anyone else the new directions the economy is taking and then names the central phenomenon, giving us handles for the business opportunities they represent.
With his New York Times bestseller The Long Tail, he named the rise of the niche as a powerful new force in our economy--why the future of business is selling small quantities of more things to the few people who want those things; how all of those small communities together make up a vast market potential, and how the efficiencies of digital and web technology make it possible.

Chris's book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, a New York Times bestseller, is now available in paperback with the title Free: How Today's Smartest Businesses Profit by Giving Something for Nothing.

In his presentations based on this research, Chris explains why FREE is the future of business and how to thrive through freeconomics--what business models look like when free has emerged as a full-fledge economy.

Chris Anderson is the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine. He worked at The Economist for seven years in various positions and served as an editor at the two premier science journals, Science and Nature. Education background in physics, including research at Los Alamos.

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