Lindsay McDougall

Lindsay McDougall hosts Drive on ABC Radio Illawarra region moving to grown up radio from Triple J.

Punk music lovers will know Lindsay from Frenzal Rhomb which he joined in 1996, fresh out of high school, at eighteen years of age. They sold a bunch of albums, won some awards, lost more awards, toured around the world (every continent except South America) and then got had a little rest.

Luckily Triple J was there to pick up the remains and offer Lindsay, alongside Frenzal lead singer Jason, his own breakfast show. Lindsay led the national Triple J Breakfast Program, in its various incarnations, for 5 years, with a remarkable 2009 waking up early to sit next to Triple J Stalwart Robbie Buck, and book-loving blogstress Marieke Hardy, as the erroneously titled 'Doctor'.

It is under this medical misnomer that Lindsay presented the weekly Triple J television program, the elucidatingly branded 'Triple JTV with the Doctor', Monday nights at 9pm on ABC2 and late Fridays on ABC1.

A punk rock band (currently writing a new album), a national drive time radio show, a national quasi-prime time television program, but still The Doctor is not satisfied. Turn up to a Film Festival awards evening, a Popcorn Taxi Q & A, Comedy Festival Gala opening night or World Vegan Day.

Fee Range: E