Peter Gilchrist

Peter Gilchrist is one of Australasia's top speakers.

His rare brand of motivation and knowledge sharing means that any audience from sales to service provider, from the medical profession to national school principals, are moved to make change in how they operate both in their businesses and in life.

As one participant said, "I have been through a university degree and listened to lecturers, I have then attended many training and motivational conferences and work shops. No one in 20 years has kept my attention over 2 days like Peter."

He is a hypnotist and is just as likely to have 1000 people asleep on the floor or deep in meditation, as he is to have them in tears over his stories and philosphies on why we don't achieve at the level we are capable of.

And once he has made you more aware of how you operate, then he will give the audience the actual "how to's" to make change. One of Peter's key attributes is his ability to "tune in" to the audience he is addressing.

He will taylor the comments he makes to the times and the people he is sharing with. Key topics for you to chose from when considering Peter for a conference or work shop. Breaking through the barriers Work life balance. Working smarter not harder for much better results.

Let him help if there is a lot of change going on in your organisation. Branding, and getting called in. Management techniques including recruiting training and coaching. Sales. Scripts and dialogues for the best effect. He has been a keynote speaker in New Zealand, Australia, Johannesburg, London, and Singapore. Tens of thousands have gained real insights from listening to Peter; talk to us about booking him for your next conference.

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