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Brooke Alexander is the author of SuperTalent. Widely recognised as a talent specialist, she has appeared on Today Tonight (Ch7), ABC Radio and a variety of other lifestyle and business media. Companies hire her to help them attract, motivate and retain their best and brightest and individuals work with her to become known as the best in their field.

Brooke graduated with a BA in Visual Communications (Hons) and started working for Mojo in Sydney before founding Kre8, a boutique brand, design and publishing house. Kre8's clients included the NRMA, WYNNS, AIG, IAMS, and The Qantas Wallabies.

After 12 years working with some of Australia's leading brands, where she gained an insiders perspective on what sets the brightest and best apart, Brooke established the Brooke Alexander Consultancy (BAC). BAC delivers a range of programs; from individual profile building to organisational talent engagement, retention and development.

Brooke is highly sought after as a professional speaker. Her presentations leave her audience with the realisation that organisations don't have have 'engagement issues' with employees, they simply haven't identified the real wants and needs of their people. Brooke shows her audience how to address these needs in a way that both serves the individual and profits the organisation.

Brooke lives in Sydney with her husband. An advocate of life long learning and inspirational living, in her spare time she can be found travelling to her other life passion -- The Australian Outback -- to join her 4th Generation Grazing Family to muster Hereford cattle and draft Merino Sheep.


The way you attract and retain the best and brightest has changed, dramatically.

Now more than ever the ability to attract and retain talented employees determines the success of a business. This presentation challenges employers to rethink the way they currently manage their best and brightest.

Companies that talk about having engagement problems haven't identified the real wants and needs of their people. Add to that the changes in popular culture, the emergence of Generation Y and the explosion of social trends and organisations have to realise that employee expectations have changed dramatically. In turn they need to change how they attract, manage and retain their talented people.

How to shape your employer brand for the 2020 Workplace.

Ten years ago Google was operating out of a garage, Nokia was the number #1 seller of mobile phones and the founder of Facebook was in maths class. What a difference a decade can make. The art and science of employer branding has changed and the focus on people, planet and profits (known as the triple bottom line) will become the main way organisations attract and retain new employees.

How to unleash human potential and increase individual engagement across your entire workforce.

How do you unleash untapped human capital? Is it the promise of payment and promotion that brings out the best in a workforce, or is it being valued that allows employees to become the best they can be?

The presentation looks at how changes in technology, communications, culture and the marketplace have created a huge shift in how employees value their skills, talents and expertise. It replaces outdated personal leadership theory with new insights and practices, highlighting that when employees experience a real sense of value their personal engagement increases across the entire workforce, ultimately creating success for all.