Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins is the MD and co-founder of Bluewire Media as well a popular and entertaining speaker on digital strategy, sport & business.

Toby was a professional water polo player whose career culminated in the representing Australia at the Athens Olympics.

These days, Toby consults with clients on internet strategy and business processes and is passionate about companies using their website as a business and marketing tool. Toby has been interviewed on Nova 106.9, Brisbane Extra and is a past speaker at ad:tech.

Toby is also on the board of the Queensland Olympic Council & was named in the 2009 Hot 30 Under 30 list of young Australian entrepreneurs.

The Bluewire Story

The Bluewire boys -- Adam Franklin & Toby Jenkins started their business from scratch.

When Toby Jenkins & Adam Franklin returned from overseas in 2005, they knew they wanted to start a business. However, they faced a few minor challenges -- no money, no experience & no idea. Nevertheless, they decided to start Bluewire Media, the Sydney and Brisbane managed web strategy company, despite not knowing how to design a website and never having been in business before!

Since then, they've built a leading managed web strategy company employing over 10 staff and servicing over 300 clients. They've been profiled on TV, radio and in the paper and both actively speak, write, blog and tweet in the digital and business community. In 2010, both Toby and Adam were recognised in Australia's Hot 30 Under 30 list of young entrepreneurs. They are very passionate about business and their BHAG, or big hairy audacious goal, for Bluewire Media is to be the Google of web design!

On their journey, Toby and Adam have learnt a tremendous amount from the advice of mentors, colleagues and peers & of course trial and error! They love to discuss their experiences with others and are always up for learning more.

Presentation Topics

"Web Strategy for Events"

Toby's presentation will teach you how to harness the power of the web to help you organise, promote and amplify your event. You'll be shown a simple plan of attack to build your own event web strategy, plus you'll be exposed to some more advanced tactics too! You'll walk away with tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness and reduce your effort.

"7 major mistakes and "The New Big Idea"

Toby's presentation will teach you the 7 major pitfalls to avoid when developing your website strategy. Based on Toby's experience with over 300 clients, you'll learn the key principles to plan and then manage your website strategy to be relevant, useful, interesting and easy to use -- regardless of what business you are in!

You'll discover the 3 possible outcomes of all websites and how you can use these to keep consistency across your strategy. You'll take home an easy to follow 1 page website strategy plan to help you break your strategy down into manageable pieces .

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