David Penglase

David is a business owner, author and engaging and entertaining conference keynote speaker and corporate educator.

For over two decades now, David works with top tier corporate organisations as well as key Associations representing Micro and SME business owners to maximise their results and achieve their goals. David has degrees in business and human resource development. He has an MBA and a Masters Degree in Professional Ethics. His major research continues to be on the impact of intention, habit and truth on building trust relationships and success.

David is also the founding director of SalesCoachCentral an on-line world leading sales coaching membership site to help business owners and anyone in sales build the skills, confidence and pride to win more new, repeat and referral business. David's breadth of experience across a range of industries brings rigour and case study validation to his conference keynotes. He draws on that experience from working with clients in industries including Private and Retail Banking, Financial Advising, Accounting, Legal, Real Estate, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Recruitment, Dental, Retail, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Local, State and National Government Bodies, Building Services and Engineering -- and the typical results his clients report on from his combined conference keynote presentations, training and coaching range between 10% and up to 60% increases in productivity and success.

David's media appearances and interviews have been aired on Pay TV Business Skills Channel, NetNews, Qantas Talking Business, 2GB, ABC, and BTalk, and his articles have appeared in Boss Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review and a wide range of industry and association magazines.

In 2008 David's outstanding accomplishments and success was recognised by the National Speakers Association when they inducted him into the Speakers Hall of Fame - Australia's highest professional speaking award.

When you Inspire Workplace Prosperity - trust increases and when trust increases, productivity increases and costs decrease across the entire organisation!

Whether your corporate conference is for:
- Sales
- Customer Service
- Human Resources
- Employee Engagement
- Leadership
- Team productivity
- Change management
- Corporate Culture/Character

The Inspiring Workplace Prosperity series of keynotes are readily and easily tailored - because the platform principle of Intentionomics is a universal principle that applies to us all (in work and in our personal lives).

David presents his Inspiring Workplace Prosperity presentations in ways that are entertaining (audiences laugh), challenging (they think), engaging (they are energized), practical (they take away tips and strategies), and tailored to each company/industry (they relate to the examples and stories).

Audience is inspired and challenged to gain clarity on their intentions and the impact of their intentions on their business relationships (and on self-trust).

Audience explore and clarify what they are either intentionally or unintentionally promising to themselves and to others, setting and managing expectations for success.

Audience explore their intentional and unintentional actions and activities, their goal supporting and goal obstructing habits of success.

Audience hold themselves accountable for the level of success they're achieving and are challenged to free themselves of restrictive excuses and open up possibilities to achieve what really is within their control.

The audience clarify the often intangibility of what it takes to create trust and the impact of trust on personal and collective flourishing and prosperity.

We found the Intentionomics presentation of immense value at a personal and business level. I recommend it to any group who are serious about developing their talent.

The value of our intentions is not to be underestimated and your delivery of the presentation in such a personal, entertaining and educational format was extremely enjoyable.

Presentation Titles: Back to the B.A.S.I.C.S. of Selling
Beyond the B.A.S.I.C.S. of selling
Stop the Game Playing, it's sending you broke
The value of Values in Business

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