Phil Nosworthy

Phill is the founder of Switch Inc. and is globally sought after as a communicator in the conversation of making business and life meaningful.

He has worked in over 30 cities in 15 countries with more than 1500 audiences in topical areas including; personal leadership, change-making, staff engagement and social impact. He is proud to call some of the world’s leading brands his clients. These include; Microsoft, Apple, Kraft Foods and Universal Music.

He has coached and managed CEO’s, world champion athletes and globally known entertainers.

Phill Nosworthy is one of those ridiculously rare, totally switched on, intelligent, giving souls that we meet a few times in a lifetime.

The fact that people are seeking out meaningful and fulfilling experiences of life is not new to anyone. The question is; what are brands and salespeople doing to leverage this as a core driver for sales outcomes and brand loyalty.

Fee Range: C