Dr Joanne Orlando

New ideas and understandings about children, technology, and education

Dr Joanne Orlando is an internationally recognised analyst, commentator and advisor who brings new understandings to critical issues regarding children and technology, including online safety, social media, and guiding quality use of technology.

Joanne is a skilled thinker who can connect unusual dots. She pushes forward new ideas and movements, for example ‘implications of parents sharenting their kid’s images online’ (her article was read over ½ million times in the first two hours), and ‘long-term strategies for children growing up in a world of fake news’. A hallmark of Joanne’s work is presenting new and complex ideas in fresh and simple ways.

In demand as a speaker, Joanne regularly presents on TV including on the Today Show, The Project, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, ABC 24, the news across all channels, and a large number of radio stations. She is a technology parenting expert for News Corp. Joanne has published a long list of opinion pieces (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC) recognised for their thought-provoking and timely ideas. Joanne hosts a monthly digital-parenting seminar series based in USA. She has presented keynotes for diverse organisations including, Apple, PowerHouse Museum, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and recently contributed to two international documentaries on the impact of technology on children and family life.

Joanne’s PhD and current research provide an invaluable, ground-up understanding of how children and adults use technology and the factors that influence their use and its place in their life. Most recently she has examined the technology practices of children aged 1-8 years. She also recently researched the smartphone habits of over 14,000 Australians. Joanne works closely with government, key industry (Apple), education sector internationally (USA, UAE, Asia), and with families to develop practices that will help children to flourish in our digital society.

Dr Orlando has extensive experience in the media and entertainment fields – she was formerly a writer for the ABC children's program Playschool, and an early childhood advisor for ABC TV. She is currently working on a book about how to raise happy and well-adjusted humans in our online world.

Fee Range: C