Antoinette Lattouf

Network Ten senior journalist, author, advocate for diversity in Australian media as well as
mental health, Antoinette is an expert communicator, engaging speaker, trusted presenter and she is also a mum.

We are very excited about working with Antoinette as a media talent for television and radio opportunities and also as a content creator for commercial and corporate projects.

In the corporate arena Antoinette can MC, facilitate and host Q&A panels, host events and Keynote speak on topics including:

Diversity and inclusion

Challenging what a "leader" and "expert" looks like

Media literacy & misinformation

The trust deficit (in institutions ranging from the media, banks & the church)

Mental health of new parents

Refugees & migrant family tensions (whether it be due to mental health, sexuality. political ideological conflicts)

Motherhood and working life

Women's health

White guilt and white fragility

Fee Range: C