Allana Corbin (nee Arnot)

Allana Arnot discovered a passion for flying at the age of eighteen after a ride in a hot air balloon, 'Something had awoken in me, something I could never turn my back on ever again'.

Possessing a strong sense of adventure, Allana soon moved on from hot air ballooning to flying planes and then parachute jumping. Offering the chance of an exciting career, new friends and even a new romance, flying soon became her life.

Taking part in an air search and rescue mission in 1990 the rescue plane she was in crashed and changed all that. One of only two survivors of the crash, Allana sat in the wrecked plane with a broken back for three excruciating hours, while four of her fellow passengers died around her. She suffered extensive injuries and it wasn't known if she would walk again.

But Allana was determined to make the most of her situation. With her incredible courage and her drive to be the best she can be despite her injuries and the subsequent break-up of her marriage, Allana taught herself how to walk and then to fly again - and not just planes. After learning to fly helicopters and to wing-walk, in 1997 she became the first woman to complete a solo helicopter flight around Australia.

Allana Arnot is a survivor with enormous spirit.

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