Mark McGowan AC

30th Premier of Western Australia 2017-2023

Mark McGowan AC is the former Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia. Mr McGowan delivered seven state budgets, paid down debt and restored WA to a AAA credit rating. His strong financial and economic management resulted in WA having the strongest economy in Australia.

His Government's COVID-19 response saw WA achieve the best health and economic outcomes in the world.

As Premier he was instrumental in a range of economic and social reforms that restored WA to be the leading state in Australia.

His Government reforms include modernising to WA's planning, strata, on-demand transport, and mining legislation.

His Government built important transport, port, and health infrastructure as part of a record infrastructure program.

It also engaged in a program of progressive social reforms including voluntary assisted dying laws, mental health reforms, and reforms to the criminal justice system.

As Minister in the 2000's, he delivered reforms such as bringing the syllabus and traditional marking to schools, approving the Gorgon project, as well as delivering WA's small bar reforms.

Prior to public life, Mr McGowan served as a Lieutenant at HMAS STIRLING. He was awarded a Governor General's Commendation for Brave Conduct for actions he took in 1995 rescuing an unconscious driver from a burning car.

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