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From humble beginnings as an average academic and struggling salesman, this South African professional speaker has clawed his way to the very top of his profession. There are few inspirational speakers or productivity coaches in financial services who have presented at “The Big 5” – the major financial planning/insurance industry event on each of 5 continents *.
Anthony Morris has pioneered practical success coaching and sales systems thinking in the profession of financial advice. His programs are booked and re-booked across the globe because they just work! Measureable revenue results and changed mindsets are not the only immediate benefits of working with him. Past and current attendees also report breakthrough milestones in office productivity, community visibility and company share value as well.
Not one for long-winded introductions, he challenges you to sit up, shape up and pay attention if you are genuinely interested in moving to the next level. His conference presentations and career training courses are not for the faint-hearted or those on a gravy train to nowhere. He delivers jam-packed content with punching impact and brilliant humour.
Anthony will make you LAUGH, THINK and REMEMBER.

The Big 5
• Asia – Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress
• America – Million Dollar Round Table
• Africa – Multi Rand Forum
• Australasia – Financial Planning Association Convention
• Europe – LIA Convention in UK and European Financial Planning Association

Corporate Training & Development for Financial Advisors
What we believe you need
At The Anthony Morris Group, we have a passionate focus on you, the advisor who goes out every day to consult with people through the pressures of regulatory reform, a wildly-fluctuating economic climate and daily changes to products and prices by the suppliers.
We are of the firm belief that you already know enough technically to probably earn twice as much money as you are right now. The simple fact is that you just need to get OUT THERE to make it happen.

A constant reality in your life is captured in the following productivity formula:

Our organizational goal is to offer you the correct blend of exciting in-house programs, practical e-tools and powerful on-line professional coaching assistance to increase your results across each of the above components.

Tools and techniques and sayings and stories
That's right, folks! When a professional becomes fluid, flexible and flowing in polishing their passion, prose and pitch – the results just take care of themselves.
My favourite golfer is Ernie Els (surprise!). He is not only a great statesman for South African sport, but also an incredibly hard worker. One senses that a good party comes to him more naturally than slogging it out in the gym, yet he manages to use the discipline of the latter to control the impact of the former. He is a consummate professional who brings it all together on tournament Sundays, yet lives up to his brand “The Big Easy“.
Analyse all of the ingredients of your game. Pick at the weak spots. Drill yourself on timing. Plan every shot, visualizing the outcome. Then enter the competitive arena and stare down adversity. Minor Hurdles. Major Mistakes. Go back and self-correct.
This website and our organization offers every element you need to make your career a smashing success.
If there's something missing, we'd love to hear about it.
After all, if we can't “close” you and keep you as a client, who are we to teach you how to do it with others ?
For Starters - Subscription Products
We get going with a liberal offering of daily/weekly practical and motivational offerings to get you to the starting line fueled up and nutritionally prepared to face the wide world of business-building with confidence. Perk up with some inspirational caffeine. Leave the worries of the office to your productive personal assistant. Drop off a sizzling sales idea to open that resistant door. Pose a powerful question to get into your client's heart. Then take back the lessons learned and upgrade your practice.
Repeat daily for 5 years and your business will run on auto-pilot. Which is when the REAL fun begins.

Soups & Salads - On-line E-Coaching
Jump start your career – or re-start your engine – with a 90 Day Starter Program. Glide out of a sickening free-fall with Intermediary Intensive Care which provides a parachute for advisers heading earthward head first. Change your spluttering commission-fueled vehicle into a fee-based Ferrari, swooping through the curves of client-loyalty into a more secure future. Open up down the straight with rich referrals from The Leads Factory.
It's all here, for those ready to race ahead.

The Main Course – Live Training, Coaching & Consulting
From one day to three years. Our clients love what we do. That's why we're so busy. Our courses start with a bang and rocket from there on upwards, taking delegates on a rollercoaster ride of practical ideas, approaches, checklists and step-by-step systems covering every aspect of the systems that have trebled, quadrupled (and in some cases, even cubed) advisers results.
If there's a letter you need, we've written it for you. A script to use – we'll learn how to say it and when. If an anecdote is required to change your memory of what to do & why, you'll hear it.
Hilarious fun. Hard core behaviour change. Tools and techniques.
Brought to you live and in person. Because there's nothing like the real thing.

Desserts & coffees – Relationship Management/Client Communication Tools
The financial services industry pleads guilty as charged for selling products whilst neglecting relationships. Our vision is to herald the new dawn of client relationship management through our on-line relationship management and client communication tools.
From creating a new “look and feel” brochure/e-stationery for your business to keep-in-touch programs driven from your desktop PC or laptop. Grab your client's attention from the first meeting to the fifth year. Deliver oodles of warm feelings through automated holiday greetings..

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