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More than a million people have been motivated by Ron's high-energy speeches and interactive workshops. His repeat clients include government organizations, industry associations and numerous companies in the discerning Fortune 500.

Ron Kaufman has the experience and enthusiasm to turn your people on!

In 1990, Singapore Airlines invited Ron to help create and launch the prestigious Service Quality Centre. The powerful training activities he developed have inspired more than 50,000 participants from over 600 different organizations.

Ron has worked with hundreds of clients in countries around the world. His unique background includes high-impact special events at the Rose Bowl, the Great Wall of China, St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and on the Capitol Mall in Washington DC. His unique approaches to leadership and learning have been featured in LIFE Magazine, the New York Times and frequently on TV.

A graduate of Brown University, USA, Ron is certified in Applied Neuro-linguistics and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

Ron Kaufman's motivational keynote speeches are packed with practical content, upbeat humor and extraordinary stories from the stage. Your audience will be informed, inspired and motivated to take immediate positive actions.

Ron tailors his presentations to meet the needs of your group. Speech title, contents, examples and illustrations can all be customized to ensure your program's success. Detailed topic outlines and industry-specific testimonials are available upon request.

Keynote Topics:

Partnership Power

Get more from the relationships that matter to you most.

Ron will show you and your team how to build strong partnerships with customers, external suppliers, strategic allies, internal departments and team members.

Your group will enjoy Ron's presentation that is packed with practical examples and real-world techniques, including provocative examples of companies that succeeded -- and those that failed!

You will understand how to diagnose your company's current dynamics with Ron's "Four Styles of Interaction." He will also show you how to apply his "Four Quadrant Improvement Model" that will strengthen your business and boost your partnership building skills.

The Secrets of Superior Service

Proven principles for successful service quality.

This popular presentation delivers hard facts with lots of humor. Ron's practical information will help you improve your service now and keep your customers coming back for more.

Key Learning Points:
See the world from your customer's point of view.
Understand the importance of excellent product, delivery and service mindset.

Develop strategies and tactics to "manage" your customers' rising expectations.
Shift from Blame, Shame and Justify to Taking Personal Responsibility.

Create satisfied, loyal customers!

Service Encounters of the Third Kind

A hard hitting wake-up call.

Customer satisfaction is no longer enough to ensure customer loyalty. Expand your team's focus from zero defects to zero customer defections, from rapidly filling orders to creating fulfilling futures. Loyal relationships of the future are built by your actions . . . today.

Key Learning Points:
Mobilize your team's mindset to go beyond customer satisfaction.

Ask the right questions to move with your customers into the future.

Build customer intimacy for better partnerships and higher profits

Align your organization to achieve long-term successful relationships.

Create and capture precious customer loyalty!

Service Recovery

From the Customer's Point of View. Harness the power of effective service recovery. When
things go wrong, don't just run and hide! Mistakes and bloopers in business can bring back
a gold mine of happy customers and positive word of mouth. Create a potent strategy to
"bounce back." Seize the opportunity today!

Key Learning Points:
"Fixing the problem" only begins the process of service recovery.

*Effective service recovery can yield a higher level of customer loyalty than if the problem never happened!

*Service recovery is an investment that pays off handsomely in repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Smashing Through to a Winning Performance

High-energy and very motivating. Ron walks your team up the stairs from Basic and
Expected to Desired, Surprising and even Unbelievable levels of achievement. Reach for higher targets in sales, performance and customer service. Audiences talk about this upbeat presentation for a l-o-n-g long time.

Key Learning Points:
*Service recovery is an investment that pays off handsomely in repeat business and positive word of mouth.

*What is Surprising today will become Expected and even Basic tomorrow. You must experiment, innovate and constantly improve -- just to stay where you are!

*Incremental improvements are fine, but also aim for quantum leaps.

Your Unbelievable! mindset is a powerful tool for high achievement.

UP Your Service

A totally customized presentation/workshop blending the best of Ron's powerful ideas with the critical issues you face today. Combine Ron's practical solutions with real examples from your company, case studies from your industry, and illustrations that make perfect sense to your team members.

No matter what your organization, your position, your event purpose or your theme, Ron
will tailor and fine-tune this presentation/workshop to help you achieve the results you

Yes, you can achieve superior service, increase customer loyalty, build strong partnerships,
and dynamic cultures and teams. You can do it all with this highly customized
presentation/workshop, "UP Your Service!™"