Marcus Buckingham

With over 1.6 million copies of his landmark bestsellers in print, Marcus Buckingham, author of bestsellers First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently (with Curt Coffman) and Now, Discover Your Strengths (with Donald O. Clifton), spent his 15-year career as a pioneering researcher and a global-practice leader at the Gallup Organization, helping to build a ballooning consulting practice at the firm with more than 1,000 clients, including Best Buy, Disney, Fidelity Investments, Toyota, and Wells Fargo. Marcus Buckingham has been featured in Fast Company magazine.

A former senior consultant for the Gallup Organization, Marcus Buckingham has spent the last decade helping clients find and motivate their most talented employees. His best seller First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently, which draws on information gathered from over 150,000 interviews collected during the last 25 years by the Gallup Organization, and is based on the largest study of its kind. Marcus Buckingham's research indicates that great business managers have one thing in common: a willingness to break the rules, to step outside the boundaries. In his keynotes, Marcus takes this basic truth and applies it to the needs of his audience, unveiling new ways to exceed expectations and inspire colleagues. Buckingham's program outlines four keys to becoming an excellent manager: finding the right fit for employees, focusing on strengths of employees, defining the right results and selecting staff for talent - not just knowledge and skills. He also offers audiences specific techniques for helping people perform better on the job. In particular, he outlines key elements to effective leading and managing: - Stop trying to change people. - Start trying to help them become more of who they already are.- Stop looking to the outside for help. The solutions to your problems exist inside your company.- Don't assume that great people want to be promoted out of what they do best. Buckingham's mission is, in his words, "to create a better marriage between the dreams of workers and the drive of companies to win."

A wonderful resource for leaders, managers, and educators, Buckingham challenges conventional wisdom and shows the link between engaged employees and productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, and the rate of turnover. Buckingham graduated from Cambridge University in 1987 with a master's degree in Social and Political Science.

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