Jane Mara

Intuitive Intelligence

Jane is an author, researcher, management trainer and executive coach applying the power of personal mindset to create success for organisations and individuals.
She has strong business experience as a management consultant and is highly regarded for dissemination of complex scientific knowledge into practical applications for business.

She has adapted her knowledge, techniques and experience to many different industry sectors. She has contextualised intuitive intelligence into decision-making, resilience strategies for stress management and to develop entrepreneurial thinking.

As a global researcher, she recognised the power of accessing intuition deliberately to produce better insights that directly translated into higher profitability for her clients. Jane is well regarded as a speaker/facilitator and coach with the ability to communicate from one-on-one to audiences of hundreds of people.

Her client base consists of senior management CEOs; business owners, senior marketing managers and management consultants worldwide. Industry experience includes financial services, professional services, NFP, education, health and wellness, communication, infrastructure, public sector, publishing and advertising.

In her latest research, she has unlocked the key to what makes serial entrepreneurs successful. Think like an entrepreneur the mindset of success demystifies how serial entrepreneurs behave and what it takes to create successful business ventures. Importantly much of her research has focused on seeking an understanding of how successful repeat entrepreneurs integrate intuition and intentionality into recognizing opportunities for business innovation and development.
This is ground-breaking information, not previously revealed outside the world of academia.
Her diverse experience in management and as a senior consultant to business leaders, plus her highly intuitive nature provides her clients with unique perspectives for their business and personal growth.


* Intuition on Demand activate your intuitive intelligence for business success

* Think like an Entrepreneur the mindset of success

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