Lisa Mclnnes-Smith

Lisa McInnes Smith is Queen of the corporate stage and a master of audience participation. Along her incredible journey, Lisa has presented to more than one million adults across twenty-two countries and authored seven best selling books.

Lisa is also the first person outside of the USA to ever be inducted into the international Speaker Hall of Fame - the highest designation possible in the speaking world. This international recognition from clients and peers alike is due to her extraordinary gift to communicate, connect and transform.

Lisa was raised in a family of high achievers in the sporting world and grew up observing what separates achievers from the rest. It was natural that she would study Sports Psychology, but what wasn't natural was her desire and ability to take what she learned about peak sporting performance and apply it to people in all walks of life. During a brief period of adversity, Lisa set herself a goal to positively impact the lives of one million Australian teenagers. It had the potential to be a lifetime goal, but took just eight and a half years. Throughout that period, business people and corporations also started embraced her message, recognising its effectiveness and impact on the attitudes and mindsets of their teams.

Lisa's focus is what it takes to create a tangible shift - whether it be shifting an attitude, shifting direction, shifting behaviour or shifting outcomes. She also knows that people don't come to conferences just to learn; they also want to be truly engaged. Lisa has developed a unique process of teaching her principles. Her fast-paced keynote presentations take her audience on a journey, an unforgettable experience where they are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about, and seeing, their current world. They are touched and inspired to grow.

Twenty-five years of commitment to her craft and her audiences have placed Lisa in the top echelon of corporate keynote speakers in this country. She is a true keynote specialist and a master of large audiences, her largest audience to date being 33,000 people packed into one auditorium!

Lisa speaks regularly throughout Australia, Asia, NZ and the USA. She has shared the stage with two American Presidents, one Vice President and a host of celebrity entertainers, including the late Ray Charles.


The Art of Stepping Up
Growth and development in business often comes with challenge. This includes pressure to improve productivity, empower key teams and encourage every individual to become more effective with less direct management. What does that take? It takes individuals that are self-motivated, have a huge desire to perform and a strong belief in their own capability. Lisa McInnes Smith inspires people to move beyond their current capacity to a place without limits. She brings fresh insight into the simple steps people can take to 'Step Up' within their work and lives.

Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way
Leadership exists at all levels of life -- government, business, family and community. There is no perfect model for great leadership and leaders are not "born". The best leaders are self aware, clear in purpose, courageous and decisive -- all attributes of an individual's spirit, and all learnable. Leadership is a lifestyle -- a way of living, a way of bringing out the best in those around you. This session with Lisa McInnes-Smith is about the heart of Leadership, and you will learn that Leadership is also a choice.

Building Teams That Stick the Course
Long term significant achievement cannot happen until a team of people unite to take on a challenge. In a fun-charged and practical atmosphere Lisa will demonstrate how your team members can inspire others and deliver long-term positive outcomes. Enabling individuals to become better team players (and potential leaders) by discarding negative habits and building on their strengths. Lisa will also show your people how to multiply their own effectiveness by helping to release the talents of those around them.

The Women's Room
"The health and well-being of women determines the health and strength of a nation". Lisa is a woman on a mission to help others build significant careers, successful families and loving relationships. Her fun-loving style and sense of humour connects her with people from all walks of life, encouraging others to find purpose and passion in their everyday lives.

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