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Dr Carlos A. Raimundo's extensive experience in the fields of business, philosophy, medicine, theology, psychiatry and education enables him to integrate his knowledge and skills into all levels of society. He is as much at home coaching the General Secretary of the OEA in strategic management as he is with counselling indigenous people on the South Pacific Island of Kiribati. Carlos is currently researching the topic of Behavioural Modification in Leadership and Neurophysiology as part of his PhD.

Dr Raimundo's vision is to assist as many people as he can to gain insight, understanding and the means to enhance their relationships in all areas of their personal and working lives. He does this by integrating the Play of Life technology into all avenues of his work, including his private practice; giving individuals the means to achieve personal satisfaction and lasting fulfilment.

He sees his role as one of facilitator and guide. He is well respected for his skills in effectively improving communication and relationships by using easy, practical steps that can bypass language barriers, beliefs, age and cultural constructs. His success and ability with both intra and inter-personal communication is reflected in his wide client base which includes: AMP, BHP; IBM; Mary Kay Cosmetics; Merck, Sharp and Dohme; Qantas; Telstra and Westpac.

Dr Raimundo is a visiting lecturer at universities throughout the world and is renowned for his charismatic style and ability to inspire others. He attends international conferences giving keynote speeches, seminars and training sessions. These educational activities are based on his extensive research and his book, 'Relationship Capital'. His education in Argentina, USA, Australia and Europe gives him a sound understanding of how to deal with cultural issues.

Dr Raimundo's work and training is very much aligned with the needs of today's ever-changing society and as such was given the Innovators Award in New York, 200, by the American Society of Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy (ASGPP) for the integration of his model with neurophysiology. His Play of Life technology and Strategic Relationship Management model offer effective and achievable methods of obtaining and sustaining meaningful relationships and fulfilling lives