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His Business is the Thinking that Drives your Business

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Regional Queensland

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Darren Hill understands people like few others. A Behavioural Scientist and Executive Director of the behaviour and motivation strategy company, Pragmatic Thinking, Darren's unique insights into human behaviour make him a sought-after advisor on future shifts in consumer behaviour, leadership and organisational culture.

At the surface level, you'd think that someone whose day job is to study people for a living might sound a little weird, but the truth is everyone loves doing a bit of 'people-watching' in their spare time don't they? Entertainingly, it is this mutual fascination of people that Darren shares with audiences across the globe.

From insights on how to shape your message to leave a lasting impression through to how to navigate change environments successfully, Darren's mantra that 'the most powerful force of nature is human nature' rings true for any forward-thinking organisation trying to get the best out of their people or connect better to their customer base.

A best selling author and consultant to some of Australia's most recognisable brands, Darren's insights are relevant for market leaders because of one irrefutable fact, every business is a human business.


Leaving a Lasting Impression

How to stay memorable once you walk away

Want to make your conference or event memorable? Lasting impressions matter. With recent research suggesting our attentions spans are now as small as 9 seconds, the ability to stay remembered is more important than it has ever been. Because when you think about it, It's part of your profession to leave a lasting impression. This entertaining keynote unpacks strategies for leaving a lasting impression with your customers, clients and staff and is an exceptional way to either open or close your conference or event.

Unlock the ways to create an unforgettable experience for others whether you are in:

- A leadership position
- In frontline sales
- Small business (in a crowded marketplace)

The Edge Effect

Successfully navigating changing environments

Do you sometimes think our business world is moving so fast you'll get motion sickness?

If there is one constant in our lives it is change. In fact, Robert Gallagher once said 'change is inevitable except from a vending machine'. The curious thing is that some species, businesses and people achieve enormous success in the same change environment where others flounder, and in some cases, become extinct. The Edge Effect helps us take a new look at change, the uncertainty that comes with it, and ultimately how we can succeed.

A perfect keynote if your business, organisation or association is facing major changes, both internally and externally.

Dealing With The Tough Stuff

How to achieve results in crucial conversations

Ever put off having a feedback conversation because it seemed too hard?
Have you ever lost sleep over a workplace conversation that didn't go well?
Ever wanted to learn how to handle sensitive situations more effectively?

Managing staff performance and building a positive feedback culture are essential elements for any successful leadership role. The litmus test of your leadership is not how you lead when times are good, it's how you lead when times are tough.

This keynote or workshop will give you an array of tools to lead and manage better in those defining conversations; the inevitable tough conversations. Perfect for a breakout workshop session for leaders at a conference.