Speakers Profile - Steven Renata

Business . Sales . Leadership

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New Zealand

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Steven was born in Kawakawa, New Zealand. In 1994 he became one of the first Maori graduates from Otago University with an honours degree in Marketing (MCom). This lead to tenure in Maori tourism at Auckland University of Technology. During this period he entered the fitness industry which would become his calling.

He has been a partner in Les Mills International Ltd since 1995, and a Director since 2005. As Global Sales Director, Steven works on mind boggling projects. He is currently working on a project that will deliver 100 million customer by 2025; he works across international boundaries in a manner that affects the company's very existence.

He believes that selling is less about technique and more about intent. Its the "MANA" you have that makes the difference.

The MANA of Business:
The MANA of selling is less about technique and more about intent. The MANA of selling is being completely present to a conversation. It's about bringing all of your respect of the other to the conversation. It's about the belief that the other person is magnificent.

Whey you come from a place of MANA everything gets easier. Sales come faster, easier and the sale cycle gets shorter. With MANA objections decrease and referrals increase. In this session you get the understand what MANA is, what it feels like, how to find it and when to use it.

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