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Sarah Wilson is a multi-New York Times and Amazon best-selling author, podcaster, international keynote speaker, philanthropist and climate change advisor.

Sarah is known globally for founding the I Quit Sugar movement ´┐Ż a digital wellness program and 13 award-winning books selling in 52 countries ´┐Ż which saw millions worldwide transform their health. In 2022 Sarah sold the business and gave everything to charity.

Sarah is an experienced journalist and broadcaster. She was previously the editor of Cosmopolitan Australia at age 29; host of Masterchef Australia; was a News Corp journalist and columnist; and has hosted ABC´┐Żs Compass, Ten´┐Żs The Project and more. She is also a regular commentator on news and current affairs programs in Australia, the US and UK.

Her New York Times bestseller First, We Make the Beast Beautiful is described by Mark Manson as ´┐Żthe best book on living with anxiety that I´┐Żve ever read´┐Ż and was featured as a book of the year on NBC´┐Żs Today Show. Sarah´┐Żs most recent title, This One Wild & Precious Life, won the 2021 US Gold Nautilus Award.

Sarah now hosts a thought-leading podcast Wild with Sarah Wilson, is a keynote speaker and advisor to corporations and universities on social media, anxiety and existential risk.

Over her career she has interviewed two Australian Prime Ministers, Beyonce, Brene Brown, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the nun from Dead Man Walking and dozens or moral philosophers, and has been variously described as ´┐Żthe climate queen´┐Ż, ´┐Żan expert on misinformation´┐Ż and ´┐Żf*cking wild´┐Ż (by Russell Brand), and has been ranked in the top 200 most influential authors in the world.

Presentation Titles:
Sarah is an experienced MC, host and keynote speaker, mostly speaking to the following topics: The Future of Wellness. A presentation targeting trends and developments backed by legitimate science and personally explored by Sarah over 10 years of extensive research into obesity, the role of sugar, and mental health, drawing on her work with the National Geographic´┐Żs "Blue Zones´┐Ż longevity project. How to run a business - and a life - based on values. Sarah has studied the best wellness, productivity and simple living advice (detailed across more than 100 Sunday Life column explorations and 1500 blog posts). She draws on lessons learned from meeting the Dalai Lama, Oprah´┐Żs life coach, Brene Brown, Sir Richard Branson and many more to guide corporates and entrepreneurs wishing to foster an impactful and meaningful career. She parlays the advice she´┐Żs gleaned into her experience running Australia´┐Żs largest digital wellness business´┐Żand then shutting it, donating all profits to charity. Making the beast beautiful. A nuanced and deep ´┐Żconversation´┐Ż that recasts anxiety as a philosophical and creative experience. In this presentation, Sarah draws on her own experience living with bipolar disorder, and the research and experiences she encountered over 7 years creating her New York Times bestseller, first, we make the beast beautiful.