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In 1977, Jason Clarke achieved the lowest Year 12 score in the history of his school.

Today he is one of the most sought after creative minds in the country, consulting on issues of leadership and innovation to some of Australias biggest companies and institutions.

Hes developed and taught courses in Innovation, Logic and Problem Solving for two of Australias most prestigious Business Schools, the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and the Stern Business School of New York.

He doesn't know what he'll be doing in 2020 but he is open to suggestions.

Whilst Jason and the team at Minds At Work tailor presentations for their clients, a brief overview of the topics include:

Reboot your Head
Creativity is something you're born with, it's hard-wired into your neo-cortex. But over the years you've learned not to use it, to keep it hidden and out of sight. Now the marketplace is screaming for innovation and invention and you're probably trying to remember where you left your imagination. Good news! This session will show you where it is, how to find it and how to get it working again.

How to make decisions you probably won't have to regret
How to examine any idea from four essential angles to ensure you've thought it through completely. You?ll learn the premortem technique for spotting problems before they happen and how to make shared decisions we can all live with, without the need for a meeting.

Clairvoyance for Beginners
The future belongs to whoever sees it first, but how can anybody do that? See how the future may not be as unknowable as you've been lead to believe, especially since What is About to Happen is the first child of What is Currently Happening and the grand child of What's Already Been.

Building an Innovative Culture
Discovering your own creativity is one thing, but it won't go far if it's not supported by an innovative working culture. This session looks at the key ingredients to the innovative culture, where to find them, how to mix them and how to keep them fresh.

How your Head Works and Why Sometimes It Doesn't
You rely so uniquely on your brain but do you know how it works? Do you know why you can remember the chicken dance but not your PIN number? This session on basic brain care and maintenance will help you get more out of your head, when you need it.

Change Surfing
You can't avoid change and you can't even really manage it. In fact, you're supposed to create it. Learn how to surf the waves of change and how to turn disasters into discoveries.

The Joy of Problems
Learn how to strip any problem down into its component molecules and know which areas to target. Learn a simple but powerful hierarchy of strategies for generating solutions and how to communicate a complex problem to a fresh set of brains in under a minute.

Secrets of the Great Innovators
Einstein wandered. Mozart played billiards. Da Vinci threw leftovers at the wall. Archimedes and Douglas Adams took baths but never together. Freud got high, Edison got annoyed. Each of the great innovators has had their own secret technique for releasing their creative genie and we think it's time to share the secrets with the rest of the world. Find out why you?re more likely to find inspiration in the bathroom than the boardroom, why innovation is easier for individuals than for institutions and why sometimes great ideas come to those who weren't looking for them and develop your own secrets for triggering breakthrough thinking on cue.