Speakers Profile - The Handwriting Guy

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"Hysterical, fascinating, confronting, eye opening -- the ULTIMATE conference ice breaker, after dinner activity or keynote presentation."Secrets, home-truths and star qualities revealed in YOUR handwriting!

"You were superb. Everyone adored the show" --Gai Waterhouse, leading horse trainer and media personality

Whether you'are looking for a great ice-breaker, a lively after-dinner team activity or a key-note presentation for your conference, Malcolm's presentation is sure to entertain, educate and get everyone wondering.

Imagine you could instantly see what a person is REALLY like, just by looking at their handwriting. If they are confident, sincere, arrogant, intelligent, ruthless, unscrupulous, promiscuous, outgoing, or shy.

That's exactly what you will be able to do after listening to handwriting analyst, Malcolm McLeod. The way you write says who you are. How you dot your i's or cross your t's, where you place your full stops, how loopy your signature is or whether you print or use cursive writing all reveal secrets about your personality.

You will double up laughing as Malcolm reveals good and not so flattering personality traits of unsuspecting members of the audience.

According to Malcolm, it is a handy tool in sales presentations, working with clients, making new friends, getting on with your team members ... and even for picking up the opposite sex!