Speakers Profile - Work, Life, Balance

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Success in a person's life and in their work requires balance and passion, which in turn requires courage.

What are balance and passion and how can they benefit my workplace and me as an individual?

This interactive workshop / presentation will cover the following topical areas:

> Passion
> Personal Commitment
> Risk Taking
> Wisdom
> Motivational Principles
> Responsibility
> Stress
> Mind, body and spirit -- The Solution

Best for: Any individual or group of people that want to perform at their optimum

Malcolm McLeod the teamBuilding King, has spent the last years developing and presenting fun, informative, indoor and outdoor teamBuilding programmes with a guiding philosophy that any programme without immediate positive work and home applications is just an indulgence. Malcolm's major strength is large group facilitation and team dynamics, indoors or outdoors.

Malcolm also worked as a counselor at Long Bay Gaol where he sharpened his communication skills via facilitating group therapy sessions for maximum-security inmates. This sparked his interest in the science of handwriting analysis and group facilitation.

Now, after twenty years of studying Graphology, Malcolm has produced a live seminar that humorously but potently unveils the character traits that are revealed in your handwriting. The seminar also shows you how to interpret other people's writing and find out what they are really like!