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Ian Hutchinson (B.Bus, G.Dip.Psy, APS) is one of Australia's leading experts in Lifestyle Strategies, and founder of Life by Design, talent maximisers and innovators in 'Employee [Activated] Engagement (EAE)'. Since setting up Life by Design Ian has inspired and excited thousands of people, helping them become happier and more successful in work, in life and the balance between the two.

This 'self-responsibility approach' to engaging and motivating employees is the missing link to simply and easily maximising productivity and performance.

He has a Bachelor of Business Degree in management and marketing, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, is a member of the international Career Planning and Adult Development Network, a presenter at the Coaching Psychology Unit at The University of Sydney and has studied overseas with some of the world's leaders in lifestyle planning.

As a Lifestyle Strategist, Ian's work has been profiled on national TV programs such as Today Tonight (Channel 7) and The Today Show (Channel 9). He has worked with clients from organisations such as Westpac, AMP, CBA, NAB, ANZ, Coke, Macquarie Bank, Randstad, Mallesons, PwC, Ernst & Young, 3 Mobile, Pfizer, McDonalds and NSW Dairy Corporation in enhancing the productively of the employees.

One of Ian's passions is the financial industry were he has worked with many major companies such as AMP, Perpetual Investments, Retireinvest, Tower Life, Ipac & Fiducian educating advisors and their clients on lifestyle planning

Ian is a speaker, educator, coach, author and consultant. He is author of "People Glue: Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions That Stick!" and creator of www.meCentral.com - the world's first employee engagement platform (licensed in five countries) which simply and easily activates employee engagement responsibility across all organisational levels from HR through to people leaders and employees.

He is an energetic, interactive and entertaining speaker. His delivery is practical and down-to-earth, but with a fun cheeky streak.

Ian's success in helping people create a more fulfilling balance in life is based firmly on his background an psychology, business management, career development, sociology, motivational training and absolute passion for authentic living.

Before setting up Life by Design in 1997 he was international marketing manager with Thredbo Ski Resort. Ian loves the mountains and the ocean, and his philosophy is "Life is for living - have a fun youthful attitude, keep things simple and above all do what you really love doing".

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Employee Activated Engagement, Talent Maximisation, Self-Leadership, Work Life Balance

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