Speakers Profile - Sebastian Terry

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Driven by a passion to see others achieve, Sebastian's one-of-a-kind story has organically become a powerful catalyst for personal and organizational transformation.
"Seb's philosophies, tools and processes will unleash anyone's ability to put aside procrastination and prioritize what's truly important to them in living a happier and
healthier life. Time with Seb is a gift and one my whole team and I will forever be grateful for - it's nothing short of life changing"
Nick Drake- Google

Shocked by the death of a close friend in his mid-twenties, Sebastian Terry experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; "Am I happy?".

The answer was NO, and so, he created a list of 100 Things that he hoped would transform his life.

For over a decade Seb has been chasing down the goals on his list and teaching others how to do the same.

From marrying a stranger in Vegas (Item #2!) and delivering a baby (#23), to living on a deserted island for 1 week (#63) and even walking across a country (#36), Seb has
become a sought after speaker, inspiring and catalysing human progress and connection around the world.

The impact of time and experience has helped shape Seb's journey from the pursuit of fun and exciting life goals to the realisation that these strategies transfer not just to others who dream of achieving personal goals, but also into the mechanics of organizational growth.

Twelve years on from starting his journey, Seb uses his highly unique, entertaining and emotive story to teach the principles of:
● Values-based goal setting,
● Developing an unstoppable mindset,
● Creating a unique action plan,
● The power of action,
● Self accountability,
● Improving culture through positive connection.

Sebastian combines humour, inspiration, and insight to engage any audience creating an
environment for education and change.

Individuals and teams walk away with a tool kit they can transfer into both their personal and professional lives as they set-out with a structure that will see them conqueror any goal.


Engagement - Activation - Connection - Transformation - Growth
This is not just a keynote, this is an experience that will make you laugh, think, cry and finally take action.

Blending masterful storytelling and electric energy with processes and tools designed to activate goal setting, real-time progress and cultural change, Sebastian's strategies transfer not only to those who dream of achieving personal goals, but also into the mechanics of
organizational growth.

Sebastian leaves lasting impact and engagement through helping organisations and it's individuals gain perspective, think big, and reach their potential on every level so that others can follow suit.

100things is no longer about one person, it's about every person.