Speakers Profile - Marcos Ambrose

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North America

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Born on September 1, 1976, Marcos grew up on the unspoiled Australian island of Tasmania. This natural environment fostered his love of work and recreation in the outdoors. Throughout his life and career, Ambrose has had a love for the outdoors - from his early days as a home builder's apprentice, to spending time between races riding on his braaap mini motocross bike, and indulging in his long-time passion of prospecting for gold.

Ambrose's pursuits off the track make him a multi-dimensional personality. Ambrose is an aggressive entrepreneur, having started several businesses that stem from his personal interests and his desire to help fulfill the racing dreams of fellow Australians. Above all else, Ambrose is a dedicated family man to wife Sonja and two daughters, Tabitha and Adelaide.

Witty, well-spoken and honest, Ambrose is ever the optimist. He is well-positioned to reach his goals in the highest ranks of motorsport and in his personal endeavors. He is the perfect advocate for the team, partners and interests he gets behind.


Marcos Ambrose Motorsport is an initiative Marcos is launching to "give back" for all the help he has received in racing. The goal is help young, talented drivers navigate their way and advance through the ranks of racing, using the experiences he had in doing so.

While drivers focus on honing skills on the track, the mission of Marcos Ambrose Motorsport is to serve as the "ladder" for them to climb by giving them off track support, such as advice, industry connections, marketing and PR.

In 2011, Marcos Ambrose Motorsport is partnering with a late model stock car racing team and an up-and-coming Australian driver, George Miedecke, in the 16 race UARA Stars schedule across 11 tracks in the southeastern United States.


Ambrose's love of gold prospecting has become more than a hobby. It is a quest, and one he pursues with vigor by studying gold maps, consulting with world-renowned mineral experts, and spending hours sifting through silt for just a few flecks of gold.

Whether in a race market or on an off day at home, Ambrose will venture out in search of a mine or a river in the Carolinas.

Later this year, you'll see Ambrose featured on the Outdoor Channel's Gold Fever hosting the crew on a gold prospecting expedition to some of his favorite Southeastern U.S. gold hot spots.