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Gail Pemberton is an acknowledged expert in relationship development. In her ground breaking book 'You Can Live with Anyone, well almost' she believes that grasping the full power of our unconscious mind can lead to incredible transformation not only in our personal lives but also in a team's ability to perform in the workplace, directly impacting businesses' bottom line.

The journey into this little understood part of the mind, unravels the mysteries of the 'Secret Self', discovers the power, instinct and survival mechanisms of the most primitive aspect of your brain -- our 'Crocodile brain' - which can and often does wreak havoc with our interactions, until we harness its power.

By appreciating the true psychology of who we are, and why we think and behave the way we do we can arrive at a new and empowered place of awareness and understanding.

Gail coaches senior executives and coaches the coaches. She lectures at Graduate and Masters level at the Jansen Newman Institute, as well as running a successful private practice. She also runs groups for senior executives and has worked with people from ASIC, Woolworths, Big W, Lend Lease, Leightons, University of Western Sydney, government departments, Mitsubishi, Qantas, Australian Institute of Management, Stephenson & Mansell and the Graduate School of Management to name a few.

She completed a degree from the Sorbonne and Lille universities and worked in investment banking in London. Moving to Johannesburg, South Africa she became a financial journalist, later returning to investment banking and pension fund management. Whilst raising her family in Australia, she went on to study psychotherapy and counselling, obtaining a Graduate Diploma and Masters degree.

Gail has extensive experience of running groups for the Department of Correctional Services, Relationships Australia, Jansen Newman as well as in industry. In her many years of experience, combining her financial background with psychotherapy, she has worked with a very broad spectrum of people from heads of industry to probationers.

Her passion is to motivate and encourage people to meet their goals and reach their full potential from a firm foundation of self-knowledge and awareness.