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As Australia's leading authority on the application of humour and positive mood to produce outstanding business results Anthony Ackroyd's presentations are full of fun and laughter but the long term benefits for clients are tangible and profitable.

As one of Australia's most successful comedy writer-performers Anthony is uniquely qualified to speak on the power of humour. He rose to prominence as one of the stars of the ABC's legendary comedy series "The Big Gig".

He has worked extensively throughout Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, and Asia. Anthony has performed and written for over sixty Australian and international TV shows, radio programmes, and feature films.

He is CEO of his company Not Drowning, Laughing! which specializes in creating and presenting training events that are immensely enjoyable for the participants and produce exceptional business outcomes for the client.

Anthony teaches a methodology to create intentional fun, laughter, play, and positive energy within the work environment and he shows how to use this as a technology not just to improve but to produce a paradigm shift in staff relations, service climate, and customer satisfaction.

Anthony's half or full day workshops are the most fun a group of people can have while learning and honing skills critical to optimal work practices such as team synergy, communication, evolution of a compelling vision, emotional management, and creativity.

Presentation Titles:
Humour Power, How to turn fun into profit, Ah-Ha! meets Ha-Ha: How to use humour to powerfully accelerate creativity and innovation, Joy Management: Using humour to turn stress into success, Sense of Humour, Superlative Service, Stupendous Sales: How to laugh yourself all the way to the bank