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Daniel Flynn is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur and masterful storyteller, compelled forwards by a vision that's changing the world we live in.

At 19 years old, Daniel Flynn was profoundly impacted by two of our world's extremes; where currently there are more than 736 million people living in extreme poverty, and at the same time, global consumer spending totals a staggering US$63 trillion per year. This led to a simple idea to launch a consumer brand that exists all-for the end of extreme poverty, bringing consumers a product choice that could change the course of history. He and his then girlfriend, now-wife Justine co-founded Thankyou, a social enterprise which has gone against all odds to become one of Australia's most successful social business stories, globally recognised for its innovation, disruption and impact. With over $17 million AUD raised for its impact partners from products sold in Australia, Thankyou has now set its sights on rapid global expansion to help see the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.

Whether he is being interviewed by the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama, presenting to a stadium with 10's of thousands of people in the audience as his words are being translated into multiple languages, or challenging leaders in intimate boardroom sessions, Daniel Flynn has an incredible ability to engage and encourage his audiences to flip their thinking and deeply consider their purpose to see ground-breaking results.

Daniel's journey is one of grit and unconventionality, from flying helicopters over the head offices of Australia's two biggest retailers at the same time, with giant signs that helped secure national product ranging, to launching a pay-what-you-want book called 'Chapter One' to crowdfund the expansion of Thankyou that in launch week, ended up second only to one of the Harry Potter book launches in airport bookstores across Australia - Daniel Flynn is known for flipping business as usual on its head. Thankyou's recent invitation was no different, sent by 26-foot glass trucks, challenging two of their biggest global competitors to join them on the mission - a move that drew 2.6 billion impressions and 840 media features in 38 countries - this story will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Daniel Flynn was named an honouree in JCI' 10 Outstanding Young People of the World, listed in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship, the recipient of EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Southern Region), and former VIC Young Australian of the Year.

Daniel is currently writing 'Chapter Two' and you are invited to be part of this story as it unfolds.