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John Peters came to the world's attention in January 1991, when his bruised and battered face flashed onto television screens around the world.

On the first day of the Gulf War a British Tornado bomber - piloted by John Peters with John Nichol navigating - was shot down over Iraq territory, hours later they were captured.

Four days of unspeakable mental and physical torture followed until they were forced to speak to the world on Iraqi television.

John inspires and motivates his audiences as he recounts his dramatic experiences of Operation Desert Storm. It is a powerful and moving story of inner turmoil and strength, of mental and physical battles with himself, his captors and of his ultimate will to survive. His war was without doubt harrowing - but he tells it with humour, colour and laughter.

Discover the key to John's strength of mind through John's masterful presentation, lifting people to greater effort and achievement by installing self-belief in the value of what they do.

Being flexible and having the ability to constantly change and improve is crucial in today's fast-moving and turbulent business environment, John knows better than most how to predict, anticipate and adapt in order to stay