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Fast-talking, funny and pulling no punches, Karen James is a Jersey girl turned social entrepreneur, author and speaker, who has risen through the ranks of the global corporate world while honouring her most important role in life: being a proud single mother and humanitarian.

Characterised by informed and infectious energy, with a great sense of humour, Karen pours her unique career and life experience into energetic keynote presentations. After 30 years, her stories are colourful and full of action-outcome responses to the questions everyone is asking. From innovation to transformation to community building, Karen's global career brings something for everyone.

Karen's business decisions have long been guided by deep-rooted principles concerning freedom and feminism. It was not unusual for Karen to be physically edged out of all-male lab groups and have to crawl on the ground to push her way into the centre of the circle; setting a metaphorical precedent for her life as a leader in business since.

And it's worked. She has since fixed networks connecting to North Sea oil rigs, designed and implemented a 600-seat virtual service centre for the Commonwealth Bank in 12 weeks, and turned a $9M business into a $100M business early on in her career - setting the tone for her future in business: have purpose, build the right culture, and bring in amazing leaders who are, above all, human.

Karen has launched her new Podcast 'Get on Purpose'.

Season One is consists of 5 episodes available each Monday. Looking ahead, Season Two brings the concept to life as Karen talks with people who've transitioned to live on purpose, in life and in business.

We've heard it time and time again, this idea of purpose being at the heart of our lives, but have you stopped to look at what 'living on purpose' actually means for you? The world is an increasingly noisy place, at home, at work and pretty much everywhere you go.

How do you distil it all and make sure you're not filling time with busy activities which may not actually matter? How do you work, or run a business, or live your life and not get to the end of your day, or year, or worse your life and say what was that all about? In the words of Mark Twain "Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why".

Get on Purpose is the podcast where we fuse what matters most in your life, and business, to create your blueprint and framework to get clear, get moving and get results. Each week your host, the informed and infectious Karen James, guides you towards what matters most as the key to living on purpose in business and in life.

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