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Mike Finch is the former Artistic Director of CIRCUS OZ. He is now sharing the amazing insights he has gained from his compelling career and applying his findings to the corporate sector and the public speaking arena.
Mike's presentations are incredibly engaging, fun, and can be seamlessly tailored to suit each client. The topics Mike speaks on are:

- Innovation in a Life Threatening Environment - an explanation and analysis of the various competing tensions in the creation of innovative contemporary circus and how they relate to challenges faced by corporate organisations that aim for a balance of innovation and sustainability. Mike explores the tensions between Old & New Culture, Danger & Safety, Repetition & Improvisation, Perfection & Surprise, Reliability & Disruption. These dichotomies are illustrated through the example of a circus act.

- Shared and Distributed Leadership within Organisations

- Gender Diversity, Gender Balance and Quotas - a case study of success

- Balancing Oppositional Dichotomies within a Creative Workplace

- Innovation Techniques based on Circus Case Studies

Mike has also presented a TedX Talk 'Why Circus Works', which can be modified to suit any presentation and provides a unique and fresh way of looking at any organisation.

All of these topics are supported with original high-quality photographic and video materials, with most based on case studies from a 20-year career making internationally acclaimed contemporary circus and physical theatre.

Under Mike's dynamic leadership, CIRCUS OZ became one of Australia's major performing arts organisations, earning a significant international reputation. During his 17-year tenure, Mike facilitated innovative and creative development, whilst overseeing the expansion of the company.

Mike is a graduate of Charles Sturt University's pioneering Theatre/Media course in Bathurst. He has worked in shearing sheds, as a pastry-cook, as a juggler, acrobat, associate lecturer and director of large-scale theatrical productions. Mike has co-founded physical theatre company PRECARIOUS and the subsequent CIRCUS MONOXIDE, touring Australia in a double-decker bus.

Mike is available to speak at presentations and events. Please let us know if you are interested in meeting Mike, or would like further information!