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Dr. Glenn Singleman is a medical doctor, internationally acclaimed documentary film-maker, successful businessman and professional presenter.

Since 1993 when he began his professional speaking career, he has continued to captivate corporate audiences from around the world.

Dr. Singleman is an adventurer with a difference. He holds two world records including one for the highest BASE jump. He earned this world record when he jumped (with a parachute) from The Great Trango Tower in Pakistan, the highest cliff face in the world at 20,000 feet above sea level. This feat is all the more remarkable considering Dr. Singleman was once afraid of heights!

While Dr. Singleman presents on a number of core business and personal issues, the cornerstone of his philosophy is Fearlessness.

His presentations explore how fear prevents us from fulfilling our innate potential and more importantly he demonstrates that when we move past our fears anything is possible.

All the qualities we aspire to in our personal and professional lives and the difference between success and failure have their foundations in Fearlessness.

A truly great presentation must be more than a great speaker so Dr. Singleman employs his film-making and communications qualifications to create a presentation that is an experience for his audience.

Presentation Titles:
What would you do if you were not afraid?